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When assembling reloading equipment always follow the provided instructions.

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There are more available components, more powders that work, than any other caliber.

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If you need any help in any way whilst using the site, or up to date current stock levels on any product.My component supplies - powders, primers, projectiles - were purchased over many years.Order top quality 38 special ammo for the cheapest prices at Ammunition Depot.In my previous video you watched me load 6.5 Creedmoor on a single stage press, which is how I do all of my rifle rounds.

The.38 Special is sensitive to various combinations of powder, primer and bullet, and, in my case, seems to respond more accurately to higher velocities (higher powder charges) than lower, not to exceed the maximum, of course.RCBS Pistol Bullet Feeder Die Kit (380 ACP, 9mm Luger, 38 Special, 357.The.38 Special was the standard service cartridge of most police departments in the United States from the 1920s to the early 1990s, and was also a common sidearm cartridge used by soldiers in World War I.

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Hand-crafting ammunition to improve performance or to save money.Depending on what cartridge you are reloading, you need to buy the proper size primer for that application.Then I moved up to a Potter single stage press to load.38 special and.30-30 Winchester.

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V37, Redding Beginning Reloading, 38 Special, Setting the Starting Charge for the Sierra Bullet. 76Highboy Reloading 268 Views.Lee Classic Turret Reloading Press With a sturdy iron base, rigid cast-iron frame, powerful long stroke and quick-turret-change versatility, this press has the ability to reload any centerfire cartridge from the smallest varmint caliber to the largest magnum cartridges.

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Available One Time Offer One Time Offers represent special one-time purchases where MidwayUSA has negotiated a reduced price and then passed the savings on to the Customer.

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Dimensionally the case is exactly the same as the older.38 Long Colt, except it is just over 0.10 inches longer.

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My reloading hardware equipment was bought and paid for more than 35 years ago.Kit includes everything needed to reload 38 Special, except a rubber mallet, that is not included.

If the company no longer exists and you are unsure I recommend purchasing new equipment. I do not.

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The M-1 Case Tumbler will hold approximately 400.38 special cases, or 180.30-06 cases, and would make a great addition to your reloading equipment.

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Brass and bullets in bulk for sale with Priority Free Shipping.

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I have quite a few Colt and Smith and Wesson revolvers chambered for this rounds.

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The Lee Loader, even in trained hands, is rather slow to operate.

If you have no instructions, contact the company and many times they can provide support.The.38 Special is actually a black powder cartridge that was developed to modernize the.38 Long Colt cartridge.Reload your own ammunition with reloading ammunition and supplies from SWFA Outdoors.

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